Wake Up Call - The China Question - 03/10/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Brides in China need to “marry up” in all respects. The real estate bubble there has reached absurd proportions, leading to ghost-towns. The imminent bursting bubble will affect us all. In fact, it may well be the password to introducing the greatest global depression of all time. China will have to withdraw entirely from world trade. However, its economy will thereafter be over $100 trillion, according to Niall Ferguson, while America sinks even further into self-administered mediocrity. Plenty of statistics here to support this contention. More grim news on the housing situation. Stock market report. More on the economy. A touching story about the difference between U.S. and French health care. A word about the euro. Entrepreneurs who massage animals need a veterinary license in Arizona! (But no license needed for humans). Another example of U.S. government arrogance, criticizing China – as usual