011 Uber Good Experience – 5 Simple Steps for a Customer Service Plan

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Summary: 5 Simple Steps for a Customer Service Plan   Our 'Customer Service Story of the Week' comes from Brian in Dallas.  Click on the PLAY  button above to listen. “You never get a second chance to make a good first Impression” ---Will Rogers--- So now onto 5 Simple Steps for a Customer Service Plan 1.  See the Value.  Obviously before we begin any adventure we need to see the value in it. Webster’s defines value as “to regard highly, esteem".   So in order to transform the customer service experience, you need to recognize its value and regard it highly.  Without that anything beyond this first step will be for naught. Studies show that it can cost between 6-10 times more to get a new customer than it does to keep one. 2.  Have a Vision.  Making a plan requires a vision.  The bible tells us in Proverbs 29:18 that “Where there is no vision the people perish”.  The same can be said about a business.  Where there is no customer service plan, the customer will leave or even worse the business will perish.  I've created a questionnaire to help you develop your own personal customer service plan for FREE--  10 Questions to ask in Developing a Customer Service Plan. 3.  Set a Date.  Set a start or implementation date.  Setting a date helps in giving you a mental time line for preparation and completion.  It’s essentially goal setting.  Zig Ziglar said “A goal properly set is halfway reached”. So by setting a date you are literally half way there! By setting a date you are providing direction, facilitating the planning, and limiting your stress. 4.  Proper Training.  So maybe you have recognized the value, you’ve worked hard to make a plan, you’ve even set a date so that you will be sure to follow through.  But it will all be worth nothing if there is no training!  Last year I decided I was going to run my second half marathon.  After making that decision I knew that I had to see the value in it to stay motivated.  I had to make a plan so I downloaded a schedule on-line.  I set the date and finally began the training.  Yes, the training.  I could not expect myself to complete the half marathon, especially in a decent time, without the proper training.  So we can’t expect our staff or fellow employees to do a decent job of treating the customer exceptionally without the proper training. 5.  The Execution. Ready, aim, fire!  No, not that type of execution,  the execution or implementation of the plan.  Time to implement all the hard work you’ve applied in the previous four steps.  In order to properly execute you may have to delegate the responsibility.  This does not mean that you should not manage the plan but the truth is you can’t be everywhere all of the time.  Having followed the previous steps allows you to delegate and accomplish the goal of transforming the customer service experience.  Keep in mind no plan is perfect from its inception.  There will need to be some plan adjustments and corrections as it is being executed. So if you want a new customer service plan or to transform your existing plan be sure and consider these 5 Simple Steps for a Customer Service Plan.   See the value, have a vision, set a date, have the proper training, and then execute! Pow! Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  So do the homework, do the work, and make it count. May all your experiences be Uber Good Experiences.  Now go and serve wisely! Does Your Business Have A Customer Service Plan? I'd like to hear about it!