How To Exercise Critical Judgment Over What You Read - 02/24/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Two passages from newspapers, with tendentious material, some of it completely inaccurate and other parts replete with non-sequiturs and faulty thinking and conclusions. We see how to protect ourselves from getting carried away by this sort of thing. Beware the perfectly true and acceptable statements mixed in with the lies to give credibility to the argument. Sometimes the information consists of outright misrepresentations and erroneous statements of ‘fact’. “Do due dilly”, as they say. OECD plans to incorporate tax and financial data of all its citizens with each other. The excuse is to eliminate tax evasion but corporations do that anyway! It’s just another way to shore up their finances because most of the members are, in fact, broke! (Italy, Japan, Spain, Greece, USA, etc.) A quick rundown of the latest economic reports, showing a very grim situation. Congressional pensions. Another scandal. The world is amazingly more productive than it was fifty years ago. Some examples and figures.