The Positive Power Of Negative Thinking - 02/28/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: We all need to learn how to harness negative events into negative thinking as opposed to the usual meaningless ‘positive thinking’. There are numerous examples of failed experiments with ‘positive thinking’ such as the business world moving from hardheaded to feel-good management. The ability to say ‘no’ is a forgotten construct: “no, you can’t be promoted”, “no, you can’t travel club-class”, “no, you can’t have a pay rise”. “No!” is considered demeaning, demotivating, uncreative. Experiments with positive thinking frequently elicit worse results than those involving negative thinking. Stock market report. Massive debt at all levels is being ignored. It is a tsunami rapidly approaching. It is about to crash over us and submerge us economically. And almost nobody sees it coming… More curtailment of freedoms, this time pertaining to the freedom to grow your own organic food. Jogger arrested because she couldn’t hear the police instructing her to stop. Not understanding, she pulled away and was promptly accused of ‘resisting arrest’. Tina Turner has just renounced her American citizenship. More on GDP. An update on Bitcoin