Wake Up Call - Economic Fallacies Revealed - 02/17/14

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The mainstream media has become such a farcical propaganda machine for vested interests, it’s essential to verify everything they report as fact. Their purpose is to entertain the consciously ignorant with exaggerate threats to keep you fearful and to function as mouthpieces for the ruling class. America has become a delusional state dependent upon fallacies to convince itself that its foolhardy beliefs, ludicrous economic policies, corrupt, captured political systems and preposterously fraudulent financial systems are actually based on sound logic and reason. A personal account of the way in which hospitals have changed since the 1970s by an emergency room physician. Total global debt has passed the point at which it can be reversed. Mathematically speaking, a catastrophic implosion is now all but a certainty. The fate of the emerging markets’ economies, fatally dependent on the developed countries which have now betrayed them with absurdly low interest rates. Why the next global crisis will be unlike any ever seen before. Obama making up laws as he goes along. The decline of the U.S. economy according to the ill-fated demographics with their preponderance of elderly citizens (baby boomers)