Betting 360 Ep 033: Punting in New Zealand with Kiwi Chris

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Summary: This week we welcome a professional punter from New Zealand to the podcast and to the Champion Picks team. In this episode he talks about the approach required to win in New Zealand and how the skills he learned in his earlier professional career have transferred to the betting world. Chris shares his unique perspectives on form analysis, some pointers on his winning methods and some tips on how to secure the best available odds. Punting Insights You'll Find What Chris looks for when watching trials. Which bookmakers he recommends and how he goes about spreading his bets. Whether it is better to bet early or late. Chris' thoughts on exotic bets, and the right time to use that approach. Some good websites for punters who are new to New Zealand racing. Today's Guest: Kiwi Chris - NZ horse racing tips Chris' Closing Tip: " I think that’s the way to game. You do all your form but then the track is doing some strange things and you’ve got to be prudent and think long term." Get the Transcript: Episode 33 : Punting in New Zealand with Kiwi Chris Welcome to Betting 360, your number one source for horse racing and sports betting insights. Coming around the bend is your host David Duffield, with another expert view to give you the winning edge.   Dave: Hi! This is Dave Duffield and welcome to another episode of the Betting 360 podcast. My special guest today is Kiwi Chris. He is a professional punter from New Zealand who has had an amazing run really, just fantastic results that I've witnessed live for the past six months. He has only been a full-time professional for the past year, but the results he has been achieving have been excellent and a small part of that he pays tribute to someone that we've got on our team – Dean the Trial Spy. Now he has adapted that approach to New Zealand in some ways and also given that a twist and added his own skills and achieving some really good results. So, let's have a chat with Chris. Dave: Hi, I'm Tim here and I've got Chris on the line to run us through his approach to betting in New Zealand racing. He's got an approach that has been very successful over the last six months that we've been in touch and for a bit longer before that. Welcome to the show, Chris. How are you going? Chris: Good, thanks. Dave: That's good. Might as well start off with just tell us a little bit about your background, your career prior to betting and then also how you got involved especially trading and then on the betting side of things. Chris: Sure well. I was actually in the electrical industry for around fifteen years. Then I went back to school, so to speak, and retrained within the fitness industry where I was basically self-employed. And, as I was doing that, I was sort of tinkering with the trading on Betfair and playing it, pumping it a little more seriously. Dave: So, you mentioned your background as an electrician. Any skills that cross over to the betting world? Chris: Ah, yes, I guess, just the ability to, the attention to detail so to speak and also the ability to sort of analyze situations and look at the data and take the information that you need from there and siphon out the stuff that you don't. Dave: All right, so you've had a couple of career changes, electrician, and then fitness industry and then the Betfair trading. What where you doing there? And, how did you go? Chris: I was primarily trading pre-race on Australian racing and a little bit of the U.K. stuff as well. I found that to be quite successful. So that's when I started to get out of the fitness industry and focus primarily on the trading. Dave: And why did you not continue to do that? Chris: Basically, around a year ago the Betfair introduced the turnover tax, certain states in Australia, and which is pretty much 90% of where my trading was, so that took quite a big chunk out of my profit so I started looking into alternative sort of income streams.