Betting 360 Ep 032: The Bettor’s Code with Todd Furhman

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Summary: With the biggest American betting event of the year on the horizon, this week we welcome Todd Furhman to the show, former odds maker for Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and creator of the Bettor's Code. David discusses the various laws and elements of Todd's Bettor's Code to clarify how they can help bettors everywhere, and apply to us punters and other forms of gambling as well.  You'll also hear Todd's take on the Super Bowl coming up and where there might be some value. Punting Insights You'll Find Why you should never ask another man how much he bets. The protocol for gambling honesty, and why it matters among punters. Striving for the best price, and how that gives you the best value as a bettor. Why trashing handicappers can ruin your betting and give the industry a bad name. How confidence, even during losing streaks is absolutely necessary for your success. Today's Guest: Todd Furham Bettor's Code Todd's Closing Tip: " I think proposition markets are always going to create a good opportunity for the punter." Get the Transcript: Episode 32 : The Bettor’s Code with Todd Furhman Welcome to Betting 360, your number one source for horse racing and sports betting insights. Coming around the bend is your host David Duffield, with another expert view to give you the winning edge.     David:             Hi, this is David Duffield.  Welcome to another edition of the Betting 360 podcast.  Today on the podcast we have Todd Furhman.  He is an expert on FoxSports, Out Kick The Coverage, Don Best and also his own website  I have got him on to talk about the Bettor’s Code as he calls it.  The rules that any punter should live by.  Also to have a chat about the Superbowl as that is not too far away and I think most Australian punters will be checking it out.  Let’s have a chat with Todd right now.   Thanks for joining us today Todd.   Todd:              Thank you for having me David.  Looking forward to it.   David:             Yeah, it is going to be good.  Some of the listeners will have seen your work on Fox Sports or Don Best or your own site, but for those who that have not, can you just give us a quick overview of your background in sports betting?   Todd:              Sure, I was a former odds maker at Caesar’s Palace for the better part of five years.  About two years ago decided that I was going to look to explore some other opportunities that try and really go after writing about the industry; covering it for mainstream media.  Fortunately enough I have found a few outlets to explore that creative side and like you alluded to FoxSports and Donbest have created two great homes.  Then for a little bit unique stance where I can kind of be my own voice so to speak, a blog and more or less an overflow than anything else.   David:             You mentioned  That is one of the reasons I wanted to get you on the podcast here.  You came out with the Bettor’s Code, the rules that you suggest bettors should live by.  So I will run through those and then get you to expand on them.   The first one was never ask another man how much he bets.  What do you mean by that?  How does that apply to betting?   Todd:              It is one of those things that is an unspoken rule between bettors.  You need never go up and ask another man how much he made financially for the calendar year or exactly what he was spending all his money on.  The same type of ethics and protocol should adhere to sports bettors.  There is a sharp opinion out there whether it is a five dollar punter or someone who is playing for a little heavy stakes.  It is all relative in terms of what your expectations are.  Is it professional?  Is it recreational better?  But my own take on that is no opinion should be discounted based on just the volume that you are actually putting into action.