JW Show 219: Nate and JW on Main Street

The Justin Wayne Show | Music's Independent Spirit show

Summary: We’re back at Main Street Studios for our second live radio show here and in Claire’s absence Nate Redford, our production designer and resident electronica expert joins me. We’ll review the latest Main Street Studios gig – Tim Atlas and Kory Nagler, and you’ll hear music from Anyones Guess, Bobbie Morrone, David J Caron, Void In Reality, The Deadline Shakes and plenty more. The Playlist   Title Album Artist Apathy Anyone’s Guess Anyones Guess Make You Scream Bobbie Morrone Bobbie Morrone Ten Goodbyes Lost in the Waiting – EP Tim Atlas Claim your Victory 9 Singles David J Caron A Song For You (The Devil) Greetings Kory Nagler Lady Of The Night Scraping By – EP Void In Reality Worlds Apart Worlds Apart – single The Undivided Hip With The Kids Woodditton Wives Club Alex Highton Bright Spot in a Bad Year Bright Spot in a Bad Year (single) The Deadline Shakes Violence Came for Us Disorientation Man Steve Benjamins The Life You Know Ivor Game Ivor Game I See You I See You Hannas Marines Londontown Stack Of Fears Brenn Wonder How You Feel The Carnabys EP The Carnabys The Storm The Storm single The Centerfolds Come Clean Vampire Hotel Chris Kirby Neutrinos Alien Canyons Roaming Herds of Buffalo Alien Canyons Alien Canyons Roaming Herds of Buffalo Dress To Kill Waves EP Charly Coombes and the New Breed Plase Don’t Walk Away Greetings Kory Nagler Broken Bones Broken Bones Greta Svabo Bech Shine HM Hammarin H.M. Hammarin Overexposure Harrison Harrison For The Love Of The Big L Signs Kaz Simmons   See you next week as we keep expanding our offering here in Walla Walla and to the world! ~JW