Episode 218 – It Has Been A Little While

J. Pitts Show Hip Hop Podcast show

Summary: It's as if Saturn himself came down from the heavens to bless our fair world with bountiful gifts of hip-hop, banter, and filling in the blanks of a long hiatus this winter. Thanks for your support and getting at us, to get at it. We're doing it. We're here. So much heat, and we're doing it again for our usual year-end blowout. Yessir. Podcast Link: http://jpittsshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2/episodes/J.%20Pitts%20Show%20-%20218%20-%20It%20Has%20Been%20A%20Little%20While.mp3 The post Episode 218 – It Has Been A Little While appeared first on J. Pitts Show w/ DJ Nice Rec.