Podcast #27! Honey LaBronx!!!

Eating Consciously Podcast show

Summary: Today, the theme is equality and tolerance.  We have Honey LaBronx, one of my favorite guests ever!  Please take a listen!  Animal rights = human rights! Oh, and find out how incredibly difficult it is for me to read Dr. Seuss out loud, sort of reminds me of when the teacher called on you to read out loud in front of the class in third grade and you can't focus on reading because you're so nervous!  I actually feel as though I can only read at a third-grade level when I read Dr. Seuss!  ;) New episode coming soon and actively seeking suggestions to make the podcast better and address sound-quality issues, etc.  If you're good with that stuff email me!  ed@eatingconsciously.com I really couldn't do this without all the help you guys have given me so far! Have fun and leave feedback in the form of reviews on iTunes! Download now!