Nishtha Jain on Gulabi Gang

Kamla Bhatt Show show

Summary: ( independent filmmaker Nishtha Jain's ( new documentary Gulabi Gang ( is a fascinating portrayal of  one woman's dedication to help and empower women in her community. Gulabi Gang ( (pink sari gang) is a grassroots woman's organization founded by Sampat Pal Devi in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh in India. Through the documentary you come to know and understand Sampat Pal, a plain-speaking, no-nonsese and savvy advocate for women's rights in her community. With barely any education or a family to support her Sampat Pal has fearlessly championed for  the poor women  in her neighborhood. Gulabi Gang is a powerful documentary that highlights how Sampat Pal is forging a new way of empowering women in her community in Bundelkhan. Women don't help other women points out Sampat Pal and she goes on to add that when a girl child is born into a family there is instant sorrow and unhappiness, but that is not the case if a boy child is born. And then when a woman marries and goes to her new family she is made unwelcome there and sometimes loses her life. There is no one to fend for women at times of crisis Sampat Pal adds. To help other women in crisis and to empower them Sampat Pal founded "gulabi gang," or the "pink sari," gang that rallies and helps women, and in some cases seeks justice if the woman dies under mysterious circumstances. Under Sampat Pal's leadership the organization has about 40,000 members. We spoke with Nishta Jain in San Francisco during the 3rd i South Asian Film Festival ( find out what prompted her to make this film, and how she plans to distribute the film. We also find out more about Sampat Pal and her future plans, which apparently may include a foray into the world of politics. Gulabi Gang was shows as the 3rd i South Asian film festival in San Francisco and Palo Alto in November 2013. Related Link: Nishtha Jain ( video interview