Kevin Harrington & Jay Abraham The Ultimate Entrepreneur

The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham show

Summary: Kevin Harrington is a Shark Tank Shark, King of the Infomercial and Chairman of “As Seen on TV”. Jay Abraham and Paul Durante speak with Kevin about leveraging local and international Celebrities, how he got 50 Cent to work with him for no money up front, the biggest challenges people face when starting a business, how people succeed and fail when appearing on ABC TV’s Shark Tank, how funding/money doesn’t necessarily create success, bringing in experts to help you succeed, the most important elements about marketing, customer acquisition costs, Kevin’s website:, Kevin’s most successful infomercials, how Kevin puts “a shark in your tank”, Kevin’s success with, and Kevin’s passion for the world of mobile. Fans of this podcast may register for FREE for The Abraham Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Force. Call 1-800-88-12345 or visit to receive FREE resources from Jay Abraham: Downloads, Special Offerings, Private Communiques, Invitations to Exclusive Events, and possibly Participate in Specialized Mastermind Discussions. All FREE and with no obligation.