Mark Cuban & Jay Abraham The Ultimate Entrepreneur

The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham show

Summary: Mark Cuban is the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a world-class entrepreneur and a Shark on Shark Tank. Jay Abraham and Paul Durante speak with Mark about how his success comes from being extremely competitive, how effort is everything, why he doesn't wear suits, how it’s a never ending quest to get better, the “sport of business”, the power of Shark Tank and how he decides who to make offers to, thinking “critically", helping young entrepreneurs, the importance of always trying to improve, why you shouldn't always listen to your customer, how to better communicate with your customer, his success with and the infancy of streaming, what motivates him today, and how he helps entrepreneurs who meet him in the street. Fans of this podcast may register for FREE for The Abraham Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Force. Call 1-800-88-12345 or visit to receive FREE resources from Jay Abraham: Downloads, Special Offerings, Private Communiques, Invitations to Exclusive Events, and possibly Participate in Specialized Mastermind Discussions. All FREE and with no obligation.