Daymond John & Jay Abraham The Ultimate Entrepreneur

The Ultimate Entrepreneur with Jay Abraham show

Summary: Daymond John is the founder of FUBU, is a global branding expert and a Shark Tank Shark. Jay Abraham and Paul Durante speak with Daymond about what makes an ultimate entrepreneur, how we were born with the ability to never give up, his humble beginnings as a child entrepreneur, how he started FUBU in his house while still working at Red Lobster, how he failed many times and got turned down by 27 banks, how he almost lost everything including his house, how he lost $6 Million in the record industry, how you can drown in opportunity, what is and who is your brand, how he became a Shark on Shark Tank, and how compounding his passion made him successful. Fans of this podcast may register for FREE for The Abraham Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Force. Call 1-800-88-12345 or visit to receive FREE resources from Jay Abraham: Downloads, Special Offerings, Private Communiques, Invitations to Exclusive Events, and possibly Participate in Specialized Mastermind Discussions. All FREE and with no obligation.