Lisa Fruchtman on Sweet Dreams – An Unusual Rwandan Film On Drumming, Ice Cream & Healing

Kamla Bhatt Show show

Summary: ( award winner Lisa Fruchtman ( has worked as an editor in Hollywood films and television, and now has her first documentary out called "Sweet Dreams ("  She collaborated with her brother Rob Fruchtman in making this unusual film that captures the dreams, hopes and the healing of a group of women in Rwanda. Through "Sweet Dreams," the Fruchtmans' highlight how drumming and opening an ice  cream shop helped a group of women rebuild their lives in post-genocide Rwanda. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda left the country badly scarred and battered with uneasy relationships between the various tribal groups in the country. Healing and rebuilding their lives was a major challenge for many, who had lost their family members. A group of women found their way to healing and happiness in an unusual way. They first created the first all-women drumming group and then went on  to open an ice cream shop with the help of 2 New York entrepreneurs. In Part-1 of our interview we spoke with Lisa on how and why  she got to make this unusual film set in Rwanda. "Sweet Dreams" has won a handful of awards in various film festivals and releases in San Francisco bay area on Dec 6, 2013. Lisa has worked as an editor in many well-known Hollywood films like "Godfather 3," "Apocalypse Now,"  "The Right Suff," and others. Photo credit: Sweet Dreams