Dark Meat 346: Polka Dots and HormoneBeams

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Summary: What happens when a middle-aged guy puts together a music show about teenagers? It sounds like it was assembled decades ago, of course. Apologies to all my friends who are real teenagers, but maybe you’ll learn something. Hopefully not something that makes me look even worse. * Raspberries – Go All the Way – Rasberries * The Beatles – Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand) – Past Masters Volume One * Alice Cooper – Teenage Lament ’74 – Muscle of Love * Papas Fritas – Sing About Me – Helioself * Tubes – Boy Crazy – The Tubes * Frank Zappa – Valley Girl – Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch * The Who – Tattoo – Sell Out * Bob Peck – Sweet Sixteen – Songs That Never Made the Hymnal * 10cc – Head Room – How Dare You! The show is sponsored today by iPrint Technologies! Click on the logo now, and login with the name “krause” and the password “daniel” to get mighty fine deals on ink and toner, even printers.