Threat Of Civil Unrest Is Growing - 12/02/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: A new craze: “The Knockout Game”. Stories of gratuitous violence. Brutal and unforgiving attitude of the authorities. Police budgets are being cut everywhere. The American game of “Divide-And-Conquer” is being used to forestall social unrest. What happens when the system collapses entirely? Criminals now going after anyone. Kurt Vonnegut has a word or three for those who believe “paper” is wealth. Stock market comment. The new (renewed) problem of home equity lines-of-credit and the likely new defaults. Nobody is talking about this yet – but they soon will be. Farmland is probably about to turn down into a vicious multi-year bear market soon. A quick profile on Illinois, the third most corrupt state in the nation. Britain’s appalling debt problem. Personal debt is almost at a record high. This is not the sign of any recovery; it is the reflection of deep denial