Wake Up Call - Please Help Get Rid Of This Monster - 11/18/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: An alternative explanation of this wretched treaty, endorsed by the Administration and the mainstream media (of course) and hated by almost everyone else. A whistleblower has just leaked an entire chapter from this “secret” deal which even Congress is not allowed to view. The first order of business for us is preventing its passage through the “Fast Track” path which they use for bills they know Congress won’t like (Patriot Act, anyone?). Listen to an interview. A final look at Bernanke before he leaves office, this poor loser whose cockamamie economics did nothing for the economy. We hear from a whistleblower at the Fed who disagrees with QE and has some interesting comments to make about the Fed. A quick word on the stock market. A final word from Chris Martenson who puts the financial and economic nightmare into perspective