Wall Street Banks Celebrate While Main Street Drowns - 11/22/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: ‘Space Available’ looks like a brand-new chain of retail outlets. It is, of course, becoming the most common sign to be seen in abandoned store fronts in malls across the country. Except for banks which continue to open unneeded branches on street corners nationwide. One third of all bank branches do not make a profit. Mass closings will be your sign that this ridiculous money-game is over. It will not be long in coming. Listen to Godfrey Bloom, a Member of the European Parliament and colleague of Nigel Farage, lambast his fellow parliamentarians. Housing has probably topped and re-entered its long-term bear market. More evidence that QE does not work. Yet the Fed continues with the same stupid medicine. Obama’s empty promises re healthcare. Greenspan still writing articles exonerating himself from all blame when, in fact, he was the chief culprit behind the bubbles and housing debacle. Harvard has a higher acceptance rate that that of a new Wal-Mart in Washington D.C. for ‘associates’