Say Yum 2005-03-29 - Soup Buzz

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Summary: Check out the slide show and the recipe. Listen to the Say Yum podcast! SayYum-2005-03-29.mp3 [14.7mb (36:29) 56kbps] Tonight's podcast is full of listener comments and suggestions. We're making beer and cheese soup and listening to some beer tunes.  Say Yum 2005-03-29  Menu  Beer and cheese soup  Music  The beer song featuring Beavis and Butthead  Rolling in the Hay  Beer Pressure  Shownotes  00:25 we're back after just over a week  02:00 audio comment from Ross and Dan  05:04 we started a new beercast topic about Food Network hosts you love and hate, and discussed it with Chris Kalaboukis of Think Future and Josh of The Eric Rice Show  06:38 audiocomment from Nathan in Raleigh, NC giving us some band on Carbon Leaf who we played on our St. Patti's Day show  08:18 it looks like one show a week is going to be a bit more sane pace for this show  10:10 audio comment giving us some beer tips related to our black n tans and a more Irish combo using Smithwicks ale  11:30 based on a listener suggestion from Alvin in Oakland we're making beer and cheese soup tonight  12:32 the beer song to intro our meal  14:56 beer and cheese soup ingredients and cooking instructions  20:16 another beer song from Rolling in the Hay live at Foster's in Raleigh, NC  27:00 at what age did that transition happen when beer started to taste good?  28:58 mistaken response to Janet's comments about cooking with beer and using a dutch crockpot  31:05 what exactly is the difference between a gyro and a shwarma? And what are donairs?  34:00 final check in with the soup