Fed Nightmare Part III: Janet Yellen - 11/08/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The Bernanke replacement: Another money-drug pusher. Studied under James Tobin, an apologist for central economic planning which is behind the economic catastrophe we endure today. The only hope we have is that other members of the Board will come to their senses and force her hand. This could happen more quickly than you think. Yellen has been with the Fed almost all her professional life. And, for the record, her forecasting abilities have been the dismal equal of Bernanke’s (and Greenspan’s). U.S. Treasury busy pontificating on other countries’ ‘shortcomings’ forgetting to take the moat out of its own eye… Anecdotal horror stories of life in the U.S. (a family who had money confiscated with no crime having been committed and no evidence of any crime; a New Mexico man undergoing deeply invasive cavity searches, again, with no crime or evidence of a crime having been committed. MFGlobal customers will soon be completely made whole. Government lying (again) about GDP statistics. Karl Denninger finally throwing in the towel. The present and future critical shortage of doctors in the United States. Yet more TSA agents are to be armed. Edward Snowden asked NSA fellow workers to ‘give’ him key logins and passwords, so… they did! Quick stock market comment