Mile 014 Revolutions

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Summary: There has been a revolution in cycling over the last 20 years, on edirtion 14 of a mile with me we explore how cycling training techniques and thinking can improve our running. Im joined by Steve Moss, an ex international cyclist, who was a former team-mate of Laurent Fignon, 2 time winner of the Tour de France. Steve is now a cycling coach and also a committed runner - so we compare and contrast running and top level cycling training. Come with me on a local cycle as we explore the revolution in literature in the last 150 years and how many famous authors who lived and wrote in Bournemouth, from JRR Tolkein and  Robert Louis Stephenson to Thomas Hardy. Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein is buried here, alongside the heart of her husband, the romantic poet Percy Shelley. Wilde and Henry James also visited so we go on a literary cycle tour and I tell you about all these connections. Find out why the residents of Bournemouth are not today running into the sea like they did in the James Herbert book "The Fog" Its a feature poacked edition of the podcast Podsafe music courtesy of Amb26 - Summers Day  (a Mile with Me theme) Scanlan - Bike Ride Jeff Rosiana - Another Trip Home website: Email: Itunes: amilewithme  Download Standard Podcasts