Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: Welcome to the Pilot edition of Run World Radio - we have a great show for you! Runnergirl takes us back to the start of her running story, so if you have got a pair of running shoes for Christmas or are looking to start running for your New Years Resolution you must hear this! Jaydub takes us on a run through a National Park on the edge of Sydney to a very special place where the native people of this area passed down their stories and engraved images into the rock. Steve takes us on an audible journey into the magnificent city of Lincoln for Christmas. A few of his friends run with him (in Santa suits) 10km into the medieval centre. Hear the ambiance of yuletide in England We have some good luck wishes from our friends across the world and discuss amongst other things Hash running and a topical discussion on the links between dictators and sporting prowess! We have the first of a series of terrific specially programmed running music (at 180 BPM) courtesy of our friends at Gordon Scott has also recorded a special song at his studio on the beautiful Scottish island of Tiree just for the show. The dance track "Sky and Sand" was by Paul Kalbrenner. The title sequence contains elements of the track "Alligator" by the band Finn from the Podsafe Music Network Don't forget to tell your friends about the show and "like or friend" us on Facebook. While you listen to the show join our "spread the word" campaign on Twitter and Tweet "we are listening to Run Word Radio" and include the hash tag #Runworldradio.Download Standard Podcasts