RWR-002-Naked Running

Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: This is Episode 2 of Run World Radio, a free audio podcast for runners everywhere. We have a great show this time .. the NAKEDedition as we explore varying aspects of naked running. Runnergirl from Canada discusses "Going Commando" - do you run without underwear? We hear the opinions of runners from around the world as they battle this question - are you "air cooled" like an old V-dub? From V-dub we go to JayDub in Australia, who goes on the trail of the Naked Runners, tracks them down and interviews them for the show. "The Naked Runners" are award winning TEDex speakers encouraging Aussies towards a more natural running experience - with clothes, but not relying on technology and constant performance monitoring. Steve Chopper throws off his clothes and runs completely naked in the forest in the dark as an experiment. Does he find a new way of expression and freedom? You'll have to listen to find out! We have a new BPM programmed running track from to enjoy as well as best wishes from some listeners and Gordon Scott's outro recorded specially for the show. Additional music: "Teddy Bears' Picnic" performed by Henry Hall and his orchestra on 78 from the 1930s The titles this week contain elements from "The Devil is in the Kitchen" from Prydein from the Celtic Music Podcast. The host intro jingles feature the voice of Peter Dickson (Xfactor)  Tell us you are listening and send us your emails and audio: #RunworldradioDownload Standard Podcasts