Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: Hi everyone and welcome to Edition 3 of Run World Radio! We have a fun show for you today all about the Ghosts of Virginity - the past, present and future Runner Girl grabs us by the "short and curlies" waxing lyrical about her first "go faster female topiary" session. We hear vox pops from triathletes across North America on the time they shaved their legs and body hair for the first time In the present day, Steve Chopper takes us out with him to experience losing his Hashing virginity. We are not talking about smoking here - but listen in on a typical run/drink event with the Wessex "Hash House Harriers". The Wessex Godfather "Gates" tells us about the interesting history of the Hash House Harriers, probably the largest running organisation on Earth. Jaydub looks to the future and ponders running a 100 km trail marathon soon. Like a coiled spring he's been saving himself, looking forward to his first time, but fears his performance may not be what is expected in the big day. We talk nutrition and training. We also have the regular BPM running music from our friends at and also hear from a number of listeners who have been kind enough to send audio clips into the show. In addition we have a "scrotum tightening" chaffing story that will get you giggling, from HonestJim from the UK. You too can be a part of the show by sending your audio to Follow us on Facebook Show notes can be found on Tell us you are listening!  #RunworldradioDownload Standard Podcasts