RWR-004-Running Evolution

Run World Radio & A Mile With Me show

Summary: On this episode of Run World Radio we explore the evolution of our minds and bodies as we embrace the running lifestyle. Its a "feature length" episode today with a long run worth of content from runners across the globe for you to enjoy. We cant guarantee ice cream and popcorn at the interval, but we do hope that everyone will find an interesting and inspiring story amongst the wealth of experiences runners share on today's show! Jaybdub from Australia (@jaydubrunning) takes us on a journey into the runner's mind as we look at the power of thought and mental inspiration and how that transpires into physical adapations Canada's very own Runnergirl (@runnrgrl) introduces a number of runners across the globe who talk about how they have adapted running around their lives, and sometimes their lives around running!! There are some moving and poignant experiences shared that make us appreciate the ability to run even more. Steve Chopper from England (@stevechopper)  takes us on a cycle with him exploring the more physical side of running adapations as we hear from Chris McDougall author of Born to Run and Danny Dreyer from Chi Running amongst the whispy sand dunes and soundscapes of the sea! John from introduces a greta BPM programmed running track for your delight! And before the final credits and the lights go up, we talk all about our running adventures, challenges and plans. Its a great show, so join us for Running Evolution Shownotes are at Friend us at Catch up with us between shows in and www.Twitter.comDownload Standard Podcasts