Betting 360 Ep 024: Champion Apprentice Chad Schofield and RewardBet Founder Greg Conroy

Betting 360 - Betting From All Angles show

Summary: A special two-guest podcast episode starting with Chad Schofield, the champion apprentice of New South Wales and Victoria. Chad's got some great insights into race day preparation, track bias and his first Cox Plate ride. Then we have Greg Conroy who is the Founder and Managing Director of RewardBet which is some free software that can help you get better returns from exotic betting like quinellas, exactas and trifectas. He shares some knowledge about why exotics should be a key part of your punting activities. Punting Insights You'll Find How Chad prepares for race day and Saturday's Cox Plate. At what point in the day that track bias should be taken into consideration. The most important asset to a good jockey. Why the every day punter makes the same mistake betting the exotics. How to take advantage of all of the available market information. The primary ways RewardBet can help you make better decisions. Today's Guests: Chad Schofield Greg Conroy  Greg's Closing Tip: " At the end of the day, punting is all about trying to get an edge and moving with the times. " Get the Transcript: Betting 360 Ep 024: Champion Apprentice Chad Schofield and RewardBet Founder Greg Conroy David: Hi this is David Duffield, and welcome to another episode of the Betting 360 podcast. Got a couple of special guests today. Chad Schofield, champion apprentice of NSW and Victoria, and has his first ride in the Cox Plate this Saturday. And also Greg Conroy, the director and founder, managing director I should say, and founder of RewardBet. Where there’s some pretty good software to help you to be a lot smarter, and hopefully a lot more successful in the way you go about your exotic bets. So let’s have a chat with Chad and then Greg. David: I’d like to welcome Chad Schofield to the show. How are you today Chad? Chad: Yeah I’m very well thank you. David: That’s good. Pretty exciting week for you, you’ve a got ride on Shamus Award in the Cox Plate on Saturday. Chad: Yeah I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity by Danny O’Brien and his owners. Obviously the horse has 49 and a half, which limits a lot of jockeys, but fortunately for me I can ride that weight comfortably. And as I said I’m thrilled to be in touch with a big prestigious race, and I’m really looking forward to Saturday. David: And what can you tell us about the horse? I know it’s fairly early in the week that we’re chatting. But have you got any plans as far as where you’d like to be in the run? Chad: I haven’t ridden the horse yet, but I’m going to go ride him tomorrow morning, and I’m looking forward to having a feel of him for the first time. And obviously it’s pretty early in the week, I haven’t had a good look at the race. But just having a quick glance, it appears to be a lack of tempo in the race. I’m on a young fit horse with no weight on his back, drawn a perfect barrier so, I’ll have to go through the race with the connections of the horse, and we’ll come up with a tactic that best can suit our chances. David: So how do you prepare for a meeting in terms of speed maps, doing the form, and then assessing the track conditions on the day? Chad: Yep, obviously I do all my own form and speed maps. I like to sit down the night before, and go through the replays and do the form. So I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it. David: And how does that normally take? so you’re watching the replays, you’re actually going through a fair way back into your horses form to see where it’s performed best. What’s the process of having a plan for the race? Chad: Yeah obviously I watch all the replays. I pick up on any pattern the horse has maybe going, and you know it’s data with Vince Accardi, and a bit of planning and that involved, but it’s an aspect of it that I enjoy doing. David: And so what’s your use of say the Vince Accardi stuff, is someone that we work closely, and we’ve heard Mark Van Triet, your manager on the line before.