Dark Meat 340: Inside Baseball

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Summary: Today, songs about the music business. It’s slightly different than a show I did a year or so ago which was songs about songwriting, because I kind of open and close with songs that really are about songwriting. Busy week, okay? Leave me be. And by the way, welcome back to MIXX, my DJ software! It doesn’t crash uncontrollably any more, allowing me to do the whole show in real time! Makes it either more spontaneous or amateurish, depending on how charitable you feel. * Joe Jackson – Hit Single – Laughter & Lust * The Kinks – Top Of The Pops – Lola Vs Powerman * The Beatles – Only A Northern Song – Yellow Submarine * Pink Floyd – Welcome To The Machine – Wish You Were Here * Residents – The Aging Musician – Gingerbread Man * Spamalot – The Song That Goes Like This – Original Broadway Cast * Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood – Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman – Fairytales and Fantasies * Sparks – Metaphor – Hello Young Lovers The show is sponsored today by iPrint Technologies! Click on the logo now, and login with the name “krause” and the password “daniel” to get mighty fine deals on ink and toner, even printers.