Loving Kindness: Breaking Our Self-Centeredness

Alan Wallace
Live from Phuket! show

Summary: We start with a few comments about the term "Loving Kindness" and definitions of love (neodarwinism, scientific materialism, freud, all the goodies) and the shortcomings of looking at human beings as simple animals from the metaphysical point of view. Then we start to observe the attitude of self-centeredness which we frequently have and how it it has different "concentric rings" (which we can extend to include all beings and therefore cure this self-centeredness). After this powerful reflective introduction we have a 24 minute session of practice of Loving Kindness and some Dzogchen bases. After the practice we have a question on Dzogchen and how some forms of it can be dangerous when used incorrectly or without preparation, and lastly we have a very juicy "trailer" of lucid dreaming. Which means I am going to advertize here: If you keep faithfully listening to the podcast we'll eventually come to great lucid dreaming practices! So keep listening and tell all of your friends! Everyone loves lucid dreaming. This photo is the same stupa in Kathmandu from the morning podcast but this time our creative Ale (or Julian? saludos!) used the trusty black and white setting!