Show 6 - David Pavia

Centre Street show

Summary: Some people believe that music sets a mood within a room. With music on a audible volume being pumped out from track to track, an artist not only creates sound waves but can bring a lot to the unseen. An artist can bring joy, sadness, happiness, even anger. David Pavia holds an interesting flavour when it comes to producing music. As an indie artist, David has painted the canvas in quite a contrasting manner. Emotions are without shortage as he mixes elements that normally aren't supposed to mend together. "I've always loved Rock and Roll, first and foremost. My music is probably a little bit less loud than what's kind of contemporary and what a lot of people are listening to at the moment. To me, they were never really just about being loud, they were always about transmitting something, transmitting meaning." "Whether music is harder or softer is really kind of unimportant. It's just kind of inspires you, what comes through you."