Cosmic Weather 142 The Week in Astrology show

Summary: New Moon in Aquarius * Sun, Moon, Mars Conjunction TRINE Saturn It's going to be an exciting week in the heavens, plus it's my birthday on Feb 5th, and I'll be turning 40! The BIG 4-0! Woo hoo! They say, "Life begins at Forty." We'll see how it goes, this next decade of trading possessions for experiences. The Mars conjunction to the New Moon in the sign of invention and authenticity is asking for use to take the road less traveled once again in the House or field of life experience that hosts the lunation. What new beginning can you make in the themes related to the House that hosts the New Moon, so that by the Full Moon in Aquarius in August, you are fulfilled. The Green Bay Packers (Venusian Cheeseheads are facing off with the Pittsburg Steelers (Mars) for the Superbowl. With Venus and Saturn in Mutual Reception I think the heavens favor the Packers. At the same time Egypt is in revolt as their leader faces his government's Saturn Return. We'll see what happens! I hope the Egyptian people can find a new path forward into a greater good. Enjoy the zaniness! Here's the link!