Cosmic Weather 143 The Week in Astrology show

Summary: Leo Full Moon * Sun Mercury Mars Enter Pisces * Jupiter square Pluto Are you having fun yet? That's the crux of an illuminating Full Moon in the sign of the Magical Child, the clown of the zodiac! At this moment, our creativity rises to the surface to ask if we are being creative based on what we started 6 months ago when the New Moon was in Leo in August. I was riding my bike through Canada then getting ready to head south over the Cascades into Seattle to meet my kid and it was in my 8th House of change. How is is influencing you? This is the time that the SUn and its noble courtiers Mercury and Venus enter the Sign of Pisces, a symbol of unity consciousness. But this year Mars, the First Knight is entering Pisces with the Sun as Venus lags back in serious Capricorn. Also, with Jupiter square Pluto, time to challenge your faith to go deeper. How can you express faith and deepened your belief systems based on your ability to doubt and then find truth despite your doubt. That gives you more faith than everything! Look for an article soon about the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction traversing into the Air signs...what a deep breath of fresh air! Here's a Valentine Poem I wrote on Valentine's day, in case you don't have time to listen to the show: Valentine Blossoms In the distance, the almond orchard is blossoming and the wind and rain buffet against the window on this day devoted to love.. What is love that my heart should long for another? What is this vessel lost on a dark sea, longing to debark upon the shores of love... Who are we that we allow imagery, and calendars and history generate, twist, and drive our desire? but the exchange of passion, and chocolate, and flowers goes on... A wise man once told me that love had nothing to do with another, but rather, everything to do with how well you treat yourself and allow your authentic being to shine forth... The love we seek has always been waiting at the inner oasis. When we discover its treasure, every interaction is fulfilling... every smile, and touch and gaze delicious... I’ve tasted enough of love to recognize its maze of mischief, but we enjoy endangering ourselves with illusions... I sigh deeply, signing divorce papers again this week - another dead-end in the maze of love - There’s no room left in this pierced heart for love devoid of eternity... flashing imagery and brilliant hopes are no match for the utter welcome of divine love from this day forth... The trees swaying in the orchard know how to live...growing there, centered in themselves, rooted in their cycles - budding, flowering, bearing their fruit and then withering...without a speck or remorse... I could never be bound to the sole cause of anyone’s happiness again, chocolate and cherries turn to dust in my mouth... the currency of “spending” time and “paying” attention has cost my dreams dearly The Emperor was wrong to outlaw marriage for young warriors... praise be to Valentine for his silent rebellion of the heart and the note scrawled from prison to his beloved Before they took his head, he made a friend and healed the daughter’s blindness and the Emperor lost his throne within the year... If only we could befriend our own hearts and mend our vision, then maybe the empire of our fears would be overthrown at last? Here's the link.