Cosmic Weather 144 The Week in Astrology show

Summary: Aries New Moon * Jupiter Oppose Saturn * Neptune enters Pisces There's so much going on in the heavens these days it's difficult to even sit in a chair without your head spinning! With epoch-shifting generation tides happening all three outer planets are in new Signs: Pluto had already gone into Capricorn, Uranus shocked the world with it's Uranus Ingresses several times, and now today Neptune enters Pisces, sign of the divine imagination. People wondered what happened to the podcast last month? Well, I was in Santa Cruz caught up in visions and writing about history. I really could not stop to do a podcast amidst the tide of energy that was coming in, and I'm not talking about the earthquake/tsunami warning! People are dying and the ages are shifting as the Earth revolts against our puny excuses for civilizations. Until we make inner peace, outer chaos will be the result. So take a deep breath and ask yourself what you are living for? What are you breathing and consuming resources for? What are you loving in your life right now? These questions will lead you to an awakening of purpose. Purpose is a strategy game between your consciousness and the universe, but affected by the tides of cultural conformity. What are you conforming to? Do you want to conform to it? If so, then are you enjoying it or are you in complaint mode. All complaints can be dealt with in the inner plane of the soul...the divine has a mysterious power of being able to reconcile oppositions and tensions and can deal with all your frustrations. You got a problem? Take it to divine being for resolution. Then see what happens in the so-called real world. I say so-called, because after swimming in historical tides for over a month my perspective has shifted in a huge way. That's what happens when you solve history! Here's the link: Enoy!