Cosmic Weather 150 The Week in Astrology show

Summary: Virgo New Moon * Grand Earth Trine Kite to Chiron in Pisces As earthquakes shake the world and massive hurricanes pound the shores, the heavens speak in riddles, displaying the archetypal qualities of time! Venus is Trine Jupiter, Love is in creative expression with the urge for exploration..and a new season is upon us! Mercury has gone direct and we are in the flow of major productivity again! Pluto is working its way into the Grand Trine from Capricorn continuing its demise of the way things have been done around here. We live our lives. We try to fit in with our peers and enjoy the times. Are you creating your bliss in functional form that others can partake of? Each moment is full to the brim with love and passion and dirt ready to bear seeds forth. The power of fertility is all around and yet our cultured minds keep us locked into the future and the past. We have a hard time just being. Please BE! Enjoy the show. Here's the Link.