#1328: Dispersion via Dave's Chin

Car Talk show

Summary: <p>This week on Car Talk, Dave has discovered an electrical anomaly: his Audi's keyless remote works better when he points it at his chin rather than his car. Fortunately, he's come to the right place…for a completely bogus explanation. Elsewhere, Brett's Camry is giving him enough electrical shocks to turn him into a walking Van de Graaff Generator; Spencer learned why you should never touch your lug nuts in public on a hot day; and Beth's Accord is exhibiting all the symptoms of a bad clutch, with just one problem: it's an automatic. Also, in a follow-up to last week's show, we hear from Tracy, whose girlfriend's parents offered to buy them a car if they got married. Did he get the girl, and the Lexus to boot? All this, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.<br><br></p>