#1327: The Four-Wheeled Dowry

Car Talk show

Summary: <p>This week on Car Talk, Elisa's parents are so anxious for her to marry her live-in boyfriend, that they've offered to buy her a new car if Elissa and her beau tie the knot. Is this an offer she can't refuse, or will she be opening herself up to a lifetime of parental meddling--which may not be so bad if it means a lifetime of new cars. Elsewhere, newly employed Katherine would like to buy a new car, but is worried that she may have trouble making the payments on it, after rear-ending her boss' car on her second day. Also, Jay's wondering if a non-working tachometer can substitute for a non-working speedometer in his BMW; Chris' car has developed a seasonal allergy to starting; and Ann offers Case Study #265,498 of why you should never listen to your father when it comes to cars. All this and lots more, this week on Car Talk.<br><br></p>