The New American Concept Of Freedom - 07/05/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The absurdities of the justice system in the U.S. The unfairness of incarceration and the chaos of the prison system. The mindlessness and uncaring attitude of the authorities quite unparalleled in other developed countries. Some horrific statistics. The police, likewise, behave more-and more like wild animals than keepers of the peace. Elizabeth Warren introduces her first bill as Senator. Wall Street, be very afraid! Quick comment on today’s monthly unemployment figures. Nigel Farage talks to the European Parliament about ending the institution, the euro and the new member: Croatia. A book called “The Passage To Europe” , by Van Middelaar criticizes the European project along the lines of Farage. David Stockman says Henry Paulson was totally unqualified to be Treasury Secretary and Bernanke is a ‘totally fake scholar of the Great Depression’. Greece is in deep trouble again. No end in sight (other than bankruptcy – which will follow)