A Nation Of Sheep - 07/01/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: A Nation Of Sheep A survey of attitudes and opinions and basic general knowledge exhibited by the ‘everyday-man-in-the-street’, not an edifying experience. Willful ignorance and stupidity personify the average mortal in the U.S. The lesson here is that hardened social attitudes prevail which are seemingly unshakable. This is accompanied by a cheerful unthinking optimism redolent of the Titanic’s passengers as she was going down – that everything would be OK. People truly have no idea at all of the horrors that are about to overtake them or the encroachments that are being levied on their freedom. The stock market as seen by an associate of Dick Morris. More on the vicissitudes of the American consumer. A quick comment on real estate. Americans have no savings. They live on a diet of optimism. A discussion of the difference between the optimistic “follow-your-dreams” crowd and those who focus on raw determination and discipline