The Evolution and Divergence of Emerging Markets and What It Means to Asset Allocators

Lazard Asset Management show

Summary: Over the last decade, the emerging markets have evolved dramatically. With deeper capital markets, a developing domestic consumer base, and fewer regulatory hurdles for global investors today, the opportunity set has increased significantly. However, many emerging markets investors are focusing solely on the most commonly used equity benchmark, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, which we believe is in many ways a sub-optimal representation of the opportunity set offered by the asset class. Please join Jai Jacob, Portfolio Manager/Analyst on Lazard's Multi Strategy team, for a discussion on the broad investment opportunities in the emerging markets and a flexible approach aimed at capturing them. Featured Speaker: Jai Jacob Managing Director, Portfolio Manager/Analyst Lazard Asset Management LLC (New York) Jai Jacob is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager/Analyst, leading the Lazard Multi Strategy investment team. Prior to joining the Multi Strategy investment team, Jai worked in Global Risk Management, Fixed Income, Quantitative Technology and Settlements. He led the development of Lazard's proprietary Risk Analysis system, and has built quantitative analytical tools for over 40 Lazard investment strategies. Jai began working in the investment field in 1998 upon joining Lazard. He has a BA from Cornell University.