The Healthcare Scam - 05/31/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The horrors of health insurance. The inability of “Obamacare” to confront this. Costing and billing by the healthcare industry. The profound corruption of the entire endeavor. I explain the process in some detail. The outrage is unspeakable. The economy is not only not ‘in recovery’, it cannot recover, mathematically-speaking. The lies from the BLS disguise the extent of the problem with unemployment much, much higher than the officially-stated rate. Interest rates are soaring in Japan and that is creating a knock-on effect in the U.S.  The bubble is bursting. More on Japan which has already painted itself into an economic corner from which it cannot escape. They are printing money furiously, which will create a massive financial upheaval. Obama wants to tax air travel more than the crushing taxes already levied on hapless tourists and businessmen. Former IRS Commissioner Shulman visited the White House 157 times during the first Obama administration, including 118 times while the IRS were focusing on Obama’s dissenters. Number of times the previous IRS incumbent visited the White House: 1. George Carlin on what happens when one event kicks off a series of “mishaps”