The No-Recovery Recovery - 06/28/13

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: Raw statistics simply show no growth at all in employment. Stimulus has done nothing to alleviate the situation. In fact, it has exacerbated it. Adding debt to debt did not, cannot and will not work, either. The situation is unthinkably grim – and getting worse by the day. Matt Taibbi talks about the rating agencies scandal. America has no idea what is in store for it economically. We are looking at a country basically formulated as a giant, future ghetto of impoverished people dead ahead. The story of the NSA. The Fed has vastly overstepped its mandates. The meaning of the fall in bond prices. Gross fraud by Irish bankers (no arrests or convictions, of course). A new book, Banned Bad Boys, talks about ingredients commonly used in 80% of American convenience food that have been banned by other countries, including azodicarbonamide, commonly found in frozen dinners and yoga mats