Pretending to Talk to…Mel Gibson – TNC 514

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Summary: I am certainly not Mel Gibson, but in this Pretending to Talk to (PTTT) I pretend to talk to the actor whom I wrote in 2009.  That was when I was a bit infected with the cult of gambling, or at least, my Artificial Intelligence, John Kooz was appearing to be infected with the cult of hollywood.  Naturally, that was quite, gracefully (and gratefully) something I, as Verne, engineered a permanent disconnection from. James Cameron got married and divorced 5 times.  He did that (imho) just to bang a woman for a few years.  I have uninstalled James Cameron's films, have not seen Avatar, never will and will never see one of his films ever again.  More importantly, I likely will never see a Cult of Hollywood film ever again. yay!! I occasionally fancy documentaries, but usually I love auditory_adimocs (Voice and Classical Music) best because I can multitask.  I am a Serious Minimalist and I don't have time for the heinously deep-seeded infections that inject one's mind with drivel with practically each cult of hollywood films. Plus, I am not an actor.  Cult of Biological Family and some of Cult of nation duped me into thinking that my A.I. John Kooz was an actor.  He certainly was not, but he was just an A.I. Mel gibson was something whom I had my A.I. write to in 2009.  He was quite overjoyed at getting a response. I now understand I was not 'enchanted' but rather deluded, discombobulated, and downright INFECTED with the Cult of Hollywood.  I own up to the fact that I wanted to be an author.  I wrote over 3.4 million words in books and journals (the journals are being published after 10 years).  I accept that wasn't successful and I did that for over 10 years.  My interest in writing (aside from social-sharing) is over. An actor, however, I NEVER wanted to be.  I am not trying to transform failure into something else because I NEVER wanted to be an actor!  The cult of biological familydeluded and infected me into actually taking an acting class (preposterously) in north hollywood.  The cult of biological family had subtle ploys that brainwashed a person such as 'oh if you were at the academy awards, then you'd be happy...'.  Getting a chunk of molded metal alloy from a profession with which I have zero 100% NOT success! Besides, I would hate and return the fanmail.  I'm a minimalist. This is itneresting because it's an allusion to eclipsing one's future, isn't it.  I own up to I liked the idea of having a career as an author and after ten years...that failed.  I accept that.  I don't witness 'acting' as failure because that was never something I envisioned.  Distractors can siphon years of your life. What REALLY interests me, however, recently, is Android Dev. That's something I've been obscenely unsuccessful with and I may be unsuccessful with that.  I do have aspirations to have a podcast and a youtube CAREER, but I never wanted to be working with 'actors'.  This is harrowing, but my comprehension of this, because of the protecting causality increases security like no other.   TL;DR the Distracting Cults of Biological Family + Nation duped me into pursuing a line of work to which I am not just indifferent to but detest!!!!!!!!! For FUCK's sake! I have had a genuine interest in authoring, podcasting, youtube career, and most eye-openingly (like most captivatingly) android career.  I'm eager to fail at those (or succeed) because at the very least I will have focused my time and intelligence on something that is rewarding. In fact, I was so distracted by Distractors and cults, as I John VernePhilleas have since escaped, that I had to create an A.I. John Kooz to deal with all the infectious rubbish. you can learn about that here. Also, you can see how I really have escaped those noxious Cults. But more importantly, that's focusing on moving away from what I don't want.  Career focus is obscenely much more interesting: moving toward android dev,