Yeezus - Kanye West or D.j. Stevie Tee

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Summary: Download Yeezus Song Here: or D.J. Stevie Tee replies to Kanye West LP "Yeezus" , Kanye calls himself Yeezus but as Christians say it's Jesus, but no matter if you call him Iesus, Jesus, Immanuel he is still the son of God who died for our sins on Calvary so we can be free of sin.   DOWNLOAD THE "Yeezus" Mixtape FOR FREE BELOW!!   Download FREE Mixtape Here!       Writers: Stevie T. ThompsonPublishing: © CSE Major Holdings Muzik (ASCAP) D.J. Stevie Tee Concert Booking: Sulton Productions - (609) 992-7601 Show Management: Power Light Productions PMC - (252) 312-9780