Episode 5: Oscar Winning Vagina

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: Complete comic obliteration of the first week of February by Jack & Div. LISTEN NOW: NYCB NEWS: • Poo on my lawn and i'll poo on your hair • Dancing Dragons = Chinese New Year • M-Bloom's galpal: Not a freak • Beat Children — But not to death • Isiah (un)love child • G-Bush says no Humanimals • New Metrocard technolo... ZZZ... YOU GOT BLINGED: • And the Oscar goes to... Paris Hilton's Vagina! • Michael Jackson = Hates NYCB • Razzies (Jack does the worst Rock impersonation in the history of mankind) • Kirsten Dunst + Skank Desease = Crackwhore Bitch BIG FINISH: Brokeback Mountain = Dookie Love Plus, find out who's on the BLINGLIST! SUBSCRIBE NOW: