Episode 10: Oscarz Bling

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: CONGRATULATIONS TO US! 10th EPISODE BITCHES! Thanks for listening. Subscribe to this podcast and be there when we hit 25! LISTEN NOW: NY NEWS: • Racist Deli Moron • NY Rated 32nd "Livable" City • Bloomy's Snapple Deal tastes like Banana-Kiwi-Ass • How to beat NYC tickets • Pope 'Pod — Blingin' P-Daddy • MTA Complaints get higher than Snoop on marijuana plantation YOU GOT BLINGED: • Fat + Britney = Fatney? • "Boy George" escapes being "Boy in George" • Luthor Vandross Gay? NYCB offers pathetic analysis. • Brokeback Man, Heath tells us what it's like to kiss men. Jack barfs. BIG FINISH: Oscarz — News NYCB found interesting, hottest chicks and dudes and who's tits were on the verge of popping out? FIND OUT. Plus, THE BLINGLIST. SUBSCRIBE NOW: