Episode 13: D-Cups Galore!

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: L-FLY in the HOUSE! She's a special guest with the extra cuteness! Tune in to see how uncomfortable we can make her. LISTEN NOW: NY NEWS: • Fish Murderer • Kid gets belted in front of class! • Boob Jobs Gone Wrong. (or right) • Tombstone Crack • Transplant Wedding YOU GOT BLINGED: • Fat Bitchney Statue — WTF? • Friends No More • Clay Aiken for Cock (Gay or Not?) • Basic In-Stink — Sharon Stone and her Wrinkley Vagina • Destinys Child Walk of Fame. Deserved or Not? BIG FINISH: Naomi Campbell beats Maid viciously with Cell Phone. How can you resist not listening to us? Plus, THE BLINGLIST. Email us to get a shoutout: nycomedybling@gmail.com Visit: http://nycomedybling.blogspot.com SUBSCRIBE NOW: