Episode 14: Oops I Blained It Again!

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: WE'RE BACK BITCHES!!! ...but no longer weekly because Jack got fired from DeVry Air Conditioning Inc., so we're no longer co-workers. AKA — we're not physically together as often to do this Podcast. BUT KEEP YOURSELF SUBSCRIBED because we are here until we both die. Consider our return to be like that of a Tupac CD every 2 years. Just kidding, we should be premiering a NEW EPISODE A FEW TIMES PER MONTH. AIGHT! Div loves you bitches, keep supporting us! LISTEN NOW: NY NEWS: • Peeper Skillz • Bear killed in NJ Because it Wanted to Eat Children • Rolling Rock = Favorite Non-Crunk Beer • Subway Flasher = Mad Prep Time?! YOU GOT BLINGED: • Model Falls out of RV. (This is why you listen to this show) • 1. Britney Spears endangers Kid • 2. Oops She Banged With No Protection AGAIN! • 3. K-Fed's Album has Gotten Killed in Iraq BIG FINISH: • David Blaine = Underwater Pussy Plus, THE BLINGLIST. Email us to get a shoutout: nycomedybling@gmail.com Visit: http://nycomedybling.blogspot.com SUBSCRIBE NOW: