Episode 16: SNAKES ON BLING!

NY Comedy Bling show

Summary: Welcome to our Special SNAKES ON PLANE episode, bitches! LISTEN NOW: NY NEWS: • 100 Mil MTA Office = Pookie Living in Luxory • Fake Kid Scam... Fuck Birth! Faking it nets you 113Gs! • Don't Piss Off UK Mothers — Baby Bottle Bombz • Jon Benet Ramsey Killer is NOT Div • Cops Busted for Hookers YOU GOT BLINGED: • Boy George = Boy Janitor • Kate Hudson Divorces Husband (because of infidelity with NYCB podcast host) • David Copperfield Finds Fountain of Youth (Snakes are not the only things on crack apparently) • Paris CD = What's Next — Sex Creams? • DiCaprio Gay Porn Movie BIG FINISH: SNAKES ON PLANE REVIEW! Email us to get a shoutout: nycomedybling@gmail.com Visit: http://nycomedybling.blogspot.com SUBSCRIBE NOW: