How Your Child's Clean Room May Be Messing Up Their Life.

The Child Whisperer Show With Carol Tuttle show

Summary: Does it feel like a constant fight? Your children drag their feet on cleaning their rooms and nothing's ever tidy. It doesn't have to be a fight. In fact, you can actually create a scenario where your children want to take care of their space. All it takes is a shift in thinking. Quote of the Day You can't be inspired if you're living in fear. Caller Questions 1. Tina, Type 1: How do I help my children when they hoard items they no longer need? (Listen at 19:57) You really do want to hear the AMAZING tips for each Type that come up in this conversation. You'll never look at cleaning out old toys the same again. Thanks, Tina! 2. Jen, Type 3: How do I handle freak-outs by my TYPE 1 daughter? (Listen at 38:08) The root of your child's freak-outs may be an indicator that something's beyond them in terms of their age. Listen in to learn how you can avoid overwhelming them. 3.  Type 2 son: How do I help my child who sometimes feels overlooked by more assertive children at recess? (Listen at 43:52) After validating this child's feelings and honoring their experience, you need to ask an important question—and it's not usually the first question that comes to mind. 4. Cathy, Type 2: How do I talk to 12-year-old son about inappropriate content online? (Listen at 48:47) You can use this as a wonderful teaching opportunity. The moment you find your child has encountered inappropriate content can show you that this child has more questions. Listen in to learn how you can be there to answer them.