Efficient Protocol and Hierarchy for Ebook Tagging Format Strings – Productivity Podcast – TNC 509

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Summary: I put a lot of thought into this and architecture for format strings.  Lol. Partially ridiculous but not really because transcends noisy apps and makes readings more accessible and searchable!There exist people that code on unfathomably more advanced levels thane me.  Similarly, while I consider myself pretty organized, there exist people who are outragously more organized than I am in many ways.  I created this system and know it works and wanted to share it because of its simplicity, intuitiveness, capacity for complex and useful results with searches, and nearly non-existent folder structure (cuttting down on convoluted folder hierachies). I’ve been into programming and operating systems recently so undoubtedly some of the organization needed for those massive-scale projects went into this, but the results are useful and my life is significantly improved (as is my learning speed and thoroughness, and many other things) thanks to this system! I have educated myself and have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of certain select books.  Rereading, revisiting, and re-enjoying those has been a prominent ongoing interest.  But with mounds of unprocessed andor not-so-delightful ebooks, I found accessing the ones I cared about, when I wanted (say if I was in the mood for fiction books I had already read, or physics books I had skimmed and had found to be of exceptional quality), to be challenging.  I had no way of accessing and pulling up the information I really wanted at a given time.  I usually ended up muddling through an overly byzantine and convoluted hierarchy of a practically useless attempt at folder organization, all of which amounted to frustration. So I finally worked out a folder hierarchy, naming protocol, and method for keeping my ebooks organized in a way that’s consistent (one of my four Productivity Principles) and accessible (another one of my four Productivity Principles ). Here’s the set of ebook organizational principles of which I created. Naming Protocol First off, a source of great nuisance was inconsistent naming of the ebooks.  Some ebooks had spaces, some didnt’ even mention the author’s name, some had odd characters, some where uninformatively short, others were heinously long.  Practically none of the .pdf titles helped me categorically with the subject content of the book, so I established some base rules. no odd characters (,![$) lower case no_spaces lastname_optionallyfirstname Tags Criteria =